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Well my name is Hannah. 20. Sigma Delta Tau. Majoring in Fashion Design at Purdue University (Boiler Up!). I tend to blog:
Doctor Who, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Sherlock Holmes(Elementary,Sherlock), Avengers, TLA & TLOK, Star Trek, Supernatural, LotR/Hobbit, OUAT, Psych, and the occasional preppy thing.
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PAVONI Couture Fall/Winter 2013

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….tea rexes. Hahaha? Get it? Tea. Ha. I’m going to sleep.


….tea rexes. Hahaha? Get it? Tea. Ha. I’m going to sleep.

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Sebastian Stan photographed by Nigel Perry

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Is anyone else concerned that the “ultimate weapon of mass destruction” gets the past and future confused?  


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Game of Daddy Issues

I’ll miss playing a fun character but, nothing compares to everyone here. I’ll miss them a lot. - Jack Gleeson (x)





Why is the fitness/weight loss community not freaking out over Nicole Polizzi (Snookie)? Look at her. She’s lost well over 40 pounds and is happily gaining muscles and promoting a healthy image and a healthy lifestyle. ALL of these fitness photos of her are from AFTER she had her baby and oooohhh she’s looking fine. Definitely an inspiration to me.

Snookie gettin it

I’ve been following her on IG. Very inspiring. She’s turned her life around!

I love me some Snooks.

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same cute mouth thing


same cute mouth thing

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You have to pay attention to the moments when you’ve felt on top on the world. I remember the first time I was on stage, I was doing ‘West Side Story,’ I was 17 and this woman was crying because she liked what I was doing so much.

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I remember when people first realized how much funnier these comics were just without Garfield’s dialog, which Jon was never able to hear anyway. Garfield only ever communicated to us readers in thought balloons, after all. What we’re seeing here is Jon’s canonical reality.

Every cat owner ever.

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new still of margaery tyrell in 4.03

new still of margaery tyrell in 4.03

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